After 2015 Bangkok bombing inside the Erawan Shrine, the military government forced the landlord to check the tenant's room and report to the immigration bureau that the tenant was not dangerous.

With time going on, this work became cumbersome. The landlord will not check the tenant's room, and some landlords do not report for the tenant, resulting in the obstacle and fine of the tenant's 90 days report and visa renewal.

Legally, this report is the behavior of the landlord. If the tenant is a foreigner, the landlord must report.

Report Method

1,Report online(500THB / person)

If the website of the immigration bureau is not attacked by hackers and has no maintenance status, it can be reported online.

2,Immigration bureau report(2000THB / person)

If you can't report online, you can go to the Immigration Bureau to report on site.

Mail delivery method is too unreliable, so it is not considered.

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