Tourist visa to Japan

Tourist visa from Thailand to Japan

The premise is that you must have 1 year long-term visa in Thailand, such as student visa, work permit, retirement visa and O-visa.

A student visa requires a letter of proof issued by the school, a work permit requires a letter of proof issued by the company, a retirement visa requires a letter of your guarantee, and O-visa requires a letter of proof issued by the school or company.

Business is divided into two types

No. 1,  Go to the Japanese Embassy together for issuance (5000 THB)

Remind to prepare the documents and check whether the documents are complete.

Applicant must get there together

Within 3 days after application, the Japanese Embassy will conduct a telephone interview. If the answer is wrong, it will refuse to sign. 

You can't apply again within half a year. Every applicant will get a call and interview will be made in English or Thai.

No. 2,  Take the visa and passport (5000 THB)

Applicant don't need to get there together

Passport and visa can be sent to designated places

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