Tourist visa to china

Tourist visa from Thailand to China

Short-term visa for 2 months

Thai people entering China must apply for a visa in advance. No arrival visa.

The stay can not exceed 2 months and can not be renewed in China.

Business is devided into two parts.

Part 1, Assist in the application and go to the Chinese Embassy together.(5000 THB)

Applicant must get together.

Within 3 days after the application, the Chinese Embassy will conduct a telephone interview. If the answer is wrong, the visa will be refused. You can't apply again within half a year. 

Not everyone who applies will get a call and it depends on their luck. Interview is in Chinese or Thai or English.

Part 2, Take visa and passport.(5000 THB)

Applicants don't need to get there.

Passport and visa can be sent to designated places.

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